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What I Do

Custom made

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I like to design and sew clothes that will express the personality of my clients and make them feel good.

Repair shop

I consider repairing and upgrading clothes the first step to consume less. I like to embellish old clothes with lovely details that will make you love them again


Another step to sustainability is to learn how to repair your own clothes . I can learn you how to sew and to repair your own clothes. It is a survival skill, believe me

My shop


My Story

Both my mother and grandmothers learned me how to sew, knit, embroider and crochet when I was between 7 to 8 years old. It was something that a girl must know at that time. But I especially liked sewing. In the beginning I ruined some good fabrics, cut the lace from my grandmothers underskirts to make gala dresses for my dolls and I think I “recycled” some of my clothes too. After a period of hand sewing, I took over my mothers long forgotten sewing machine, repaired it and put it to work. I basically learned how to sew on this machine. Over the years I followed some classes, bought books and learned how to make patterns. What once was a hobby, turned out to become  a profession with a great passion and dedication. In fashion, sewing an textiles my creativity can run free.  

The price you pay for fine quality clothes in a boutique is high and sometimes the quality, the fitting and the fabric really doesn’t justify the price. I make bespoke clothes for a personal style, which will express your personality.  But also clothing which is made in a sustainable way, easy to wear and easy to maintain. A garment that fits you well, made with fabrics which you were able to choose yourself.